Office System

Storage system with add-on storage compartments when your office grows. Includes media drawers, cupboards & filing.


A full set of office furniture make you work efficency

Filing System

Basic swing door system is a contemporary furniture

Cube Box

Cubebox is a steel storage system constructed in modular cabinets which connect to each other to create useful storage layouts.


Drawers is a traditional filing cabinet which can grow when you require more filing space.


Drawers can hiding your personal belongings

Slim Edge

On top of above feature, slim edge looks more elegant

Mix and Match

Colorful office make you freshness and stimulation

Slim Pedestal

Pedestal is not only storage for document but aslo store your personal belongings.


Caddy provide you more space for both box file and your personal stuff

Elegant Pedestal

Personal metal storage range includes desk side storage towers & mobile office pedestals. Part of the slim steel storage range.

2 Drawers

The 2 drawers come with locks & can take A4 lateral files.

Tambour Door

Tambour or Rollar Shutter Door cabinet is maximise the inte space


A wide range of tambour door which can fit into your workspace

Mobile System

All mobile cabinets are installed with safety locks which can avoid accidents in the blind spot of the cabinet aisle.

Sliding Layer

Hanging File

File Drawer

Personal Storage

The work area provide adequate space for our ever-shrinking personal items such as bags, phones & nesessaries.


Horizon lockers are part of the slim profiled storage range. The workspace lockers match up to other office storage combinations allowing the lockers to sit in the workspace without standing out.

Modular System

Modular system make your space more useful and flexibility.


Modular storage system with add-on storage compartments when your office grows. Includes media rack, sliding,tambour & filing.


All electronic devices around you in one work station.


Work place isn't fix in specific area but can anywhere within office.

Rack System

Rack system can well organise your products which are divide different kind of catagories with bar code label.

Light Rack

Light rack also suitable for small storeroom even a corner.

WIP Rack

Rack w/door

Office Storage

For the modern offices, storage still plays an essential role for the workspace and the design of the offices. Storage systems are no longer hidden in a small corners but are equipped as the layout of the office area. Using furniture systems to build standing height work surfaces would create a everyday points of social or formal meetings. Acoustics elements have also put into the design of the storage system to offer additional feature to the open offices. Moderate office storage is now multipurpose and functional, which is not only space saving, but also budgeting beneficial.

Storage Finishes

Cabinets were designed to help creating a trendy and modern office layout, so they are not only carrying multiple features and functions, but also come in differential finishes and colors. Select the best matching storage finishes to your workspace helps to create an artistic, functional and cozy working environment.

Personal Storage

We all want to store our personal belongings & sometimes we would like them near by. Pedestals are great for desk side storage in smaller offices, but can look untidy in open end spaces. A cost factor can also prevent a quality pedestal when larger numbers are required, so office lockers positioned close to the work area provide adequate space for our ever-shrinking personal belongings such as bags, phones & a change of clothing. Office lockers also provide a space for worker conflicts it social or work related & is a great space to boost morale. Personal lockers located closer to the workspace also save on overall costs, can aid space division & personal matters.

Open / Closed Storage

Underdesk pedestals or caddies will provide you a handy storage for your personal belongs. With all the modern and colorful styles of the pedestals and caddies, we assure you will find the one which fits into your working area.